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Thread: gear for shoot - is it ok?

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    Default gear for shoot - is it ok?


    If anyone could spin through this and point out any glaring errors I’d be grateful. I'm very rusty producer/director and at short notice have to fly to Zambia’s Lusaka for six days to shoot forty-minute feature to raise awareness of hospice and water project in compound.

    Technology has changed.

    The Gear

    Sony DCR VX2000E 3CCD 48 X
    Canon XM2 3CCD Mini DV Digital Camcorder

    Lens: spare lens for Sony which is a little wider.

    Sound recording
    Nagra Ares BB Plus onto compact flash cards.
    No possibility of audio time code sync with camera.

    Microphones available..
    Sennheiser 300 mono and windshield mini jack
    AT 835 B shotgun XLR windshield and shock mount
    Beyerdynamic ME 58 XLR
    AKG Handheld D230 XLR
    Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Lapel mike
    Whatever is on the Canon camera....

    Well it seems to be mini jack on cameras but my audio is all xlr except wireless ones

    Tapes Mini DV’s to buy…size…
    Batteries AA

    Tripods – not sure but have one available for Sony camera

    Cables….only xlr apart from one’s fitted to camcorders – ie mini-jacks

    Can I shoot on both cameras and cut stuff together on one kind of software programme later, will it match up…?
    How do I, if at all, back up tapes on location?
    How do I get xlr mics into camcorders min jack socket– can that work without sound being bad – should I use Nagra and then sync up in edit?

    Location power for cameras – assuming I use zoom but not fancy viewfinder – how many batteries might I need per day -

    I want a reflecter – any thoughts for ease of transport..carry on preferably?

    And a pole for the mics

    And above all..what have I missed??

    If anyone has time - thanks - otherwise, thanks anywy.

    Davey S
    How much Ram do I need for quick HDV editing with an Apple Quad G5?

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    Firstly, Hi and welcome to the forum

    To connect the xlr mics to the camera you'll need a beachtek adapter which should alleviate the need for the nagra

    For reflecting fill these are good products and fold down to nothing (though they're a sod to fold back up afterwards)

    As for back up, you're taking two cameras so after each days shoot connect the two with a cable and duplicate the original footage

    Best of luck with what looks to be a rewarding shoot and hopefully you'll post some footage from it on here later

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    Thank you, that is very helpful advice indeed and i'll keep you posted.
    How much Ram do I need for quick HDV editing with an Apple Quad G5?

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