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Thread: DVDErr, -1 pic size larger than buffer

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    Default DVDErr, -1 pic size larger than buffer

    Cannot find anything on this error and need some help. Running Premier Pro 1.5. Exporting to DVD it goes through the transcoding and assembling steps with out a problem, then stops with this error: Could not complete the last command because: Video picture size larger than buffer. (DVDErr, -1)PGC Info: name = Movie 1, ref = Apgc, time = 410.51

    I've search the web and cannot find any help. Anyone in this group have a suggestion? Thanks.

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    Would you give us a rundown on the spec of your computer?

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    Default DVDErr, -1 pic size larger than buffer

    Thanks for responding!
    My computer specs are:
    Toshiba Satellite M35X, Bios Toshiba V1.20
    Intel X86 family 6 Model 13 Stepping 6, speed 1698 MHz.
    OS: XP Home, Svc Pack 2
    1GB ram; HD 151 GB;
    Intel(R) 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller;
    sound Realtek AC97 Audio;

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    Default DVDErr, -1 pic size larger than buffer

    Still trying to figure this one out. All help appreciated. Tests of my DVD drive indicate is is functioning OK. Not sure how to check the buffer. Any test suggestions much appreciated. Thanks!!!

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    This could be a problem copyright-protection.
    If you have selected any "Copyright protect this DVD" type options when burning the DVD, turn them off and try again.

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    Default DVDErr, -1 pic size larger than buffer

    Checked out the copywrite issue. Do not see any options for this as part of the Premire DVD authoring tool, so doubt that is the cause. In burning DVDs in the past on Premire I don't recall ever having to make such a choice.

    After giving this issue several hours of time and becoming quite frustrated, I purchased Nero 7 Premium to see if it would make the DVD. The Nero program ran smooth and fast, and did the job! I was amazed at how much faster it transcoded and recorded the DVD, all without any problems. Probably the Adobe Encore product would do the same. Still not sure what my DVD authoring problem is with Premire, but will quit pursuing a solution because I seem to have found the solution with Nero 7. Thanks to all who fetted over this on my behalf!

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