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    Hello there. As part of something im working on at the moment using pinnacle, i need to take segments of footage from a DVD and convert them to AVI. When i use my decrypter the files go onto my computer as VOB files. This is no good for using in pinnacle as far as i can see. Does anyone know what software i should use to create these AVI files from my DVD? Anyone got experience of this? Any help is appreciated.

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    Try renaming the file extension to .avi or dot .mpg

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    Yes, it worked. So simple yet so good. Thanks once again. Only one small problem now. Its a concert and its divided into 4 parts of VOB's so this will mean one part ending half way through a song etc etc. Any ideas? Dont worry if it's too complicated. Thanks.

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    I just tried to add the files to my project as .avi but it wont allow me to do it. Where am i going wrong? Along with the VOB files there were a few BUP and IFO files if that helps.

    The avi files wont even play with media player either?

    Edit - it now works as an mpeg. Thanks.

    Later edit - it wont work as an mpeg either.

    Even later edit - Is there a piece of software that will rip from dvd to .avi from the start? That would be much simpler.

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    I've done the vob to avi conversion aswell and thankfully it worked for me. Some app's such as Adobe Premiere won't open mpeg files so your stuck with the avi's. I can't remember if the bup file or ifo needs to be in the same folder as the video files (vob->avi), I think I just double clicked on it or maybe I didn't (try both and see how you get on).

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    Thanks for the info. I'll see how i get on.

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