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    i tried TMPGEnc for the first time. The result is good but unfortunatley with no sound . Any help please ?

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    By default, the sound would be saved as a seperate wav file. Ideally, your DVD authoring application should would expect seperate audio and video (elementary streams). If you want to output combined video and audio in one file (a system file), make sure you select MP2 audio:

    and the follow this:

    There is a way of getting TMPGenc to output the MPEG as a system file (both audio and video combined), but people from the states have complained at me before for telling them how to do this as it makes non-compliant DVD (not playable in a standalone). All you have to do is make sure your final audio in MovieFactory is PCM not MPEG layer 2

    But anyway, with that forewarning... On the main screen, there is a box with stream type:

    If the radio buttons are greyed out as in the picture above and you can't click on system (Video+Audio), then click Load underneath. By default, you should go to the tempgenc Template directory underneath the install directory. If not, browse there. Now there should be a folder labeled Extra. Open that folder. Select the unlock.mcf template. If you don't have that template for some reason, I can send it to you.

    Now u can select the radio button as below:

    Make sure you output your audio in MovieFactory as PCM audio or it won't be playable!!!
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    TMPEG does not like to encode audio and video from the same source file. Demux the audio using your prefered "demuxer' TMpegs is quite good, but I use "Goldwave" because it is easy and very quick. Demuxing takes about 1.5 minutes and then reencoding with TMPeg talkes about 50 to 65 minutes to re mux for a 700 meg file.

    Works every time for me.

    If you do not want to mess with demuxing, Mainconcept Mpeg encoder works more relaibly when the the video and audio are sourced from the same file.

    Demuxing also gives you a better oppotunity to coordinate audio to vidio if the original AVI is damaged.


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