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    I am new to vidoe editing and trying to pick an editor. I enjoy Ulead buy Vegas has much more to offer. I am trying to change the velocity with Vegas but am having difficulty. Whenever I splice out the section I want slowed and change the velocity, the section I spliced out becomes more then what I spliced out. Sorry about the bad wording but its hard to explain so I will try a different way. If I splice out 15 sec to 25 sec and change the velocity to -50 for half speedk the section I spliced will now include video passed 25 seconds. How do I change velocity on a certain section of video without this happening?



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    Hold 'control' on the keyboard. When you pull the clip[ it will time streach (or compress) it.

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    If I understand you, you are trying to slow down a selection of your movie, whilst the rest is at normal speed.

    I've added a quick screencast to show how this is achieved.


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