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Thread: what would you CHOOSE?

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    Default what would you CHOOSE?

    The Panasonic AG-DVC30 for around $1800


    The Sony VX2100 for around $2200??
    intel core2 i7 960
    16GB DDR3
    Radeon HD6850
    Audigy 2 Soundcard
    2 x 24 Inch wide screen LCD Monitor + 30 inch tv.
    TBs and TBs of Storage+ SSD

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    Sony parts are joke time expensive, not sure about panasonic.

    The pana looks nice, is it a newer model? If so I would get the panasonic.

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    Get a Panny AG-DVX102B.

    I just bought it am very happy with the progressive frame

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    I'd choose the VX2100.

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