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    Default Complete newbie question -- calculations

    Howdy, this will sound stupid but . . . .

    What is the math behind figuring out how big an MPEG2 will become from an AVI? ie, bit rate, one pass, etc?

    I have some AVI that I want to convert to MPEG2s and keep them about 1.1 gbs each (44 minute AVIs -- about 350 Megs). What sort of setting should I use?

    Hope some one can help the green newbie.


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    Put it simply - bitrate.

    For example, if the combined bitrate of video and sound is 500kbit/sec for example, then a one minute video at that bitrate would be about 3.7MB (don't forget the difference between kilobytes and kilobits - there are 8 bits to a byte)

    If I've done my maths right, then you want to look at a bitrate of approximately 3,600kbit/s for 1.1 Gigabytes for 44 minutes.

    Let us know how you get on, I'd be interested to know if I'm right

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    Actually, not sure if i've worked that out correctly. Still, try it and let me know anyway!

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