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Thread: 28 frames per minute!!!!!!!

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    Default 28 frames per minute!!!!!!!

    I posted a query on 14 March under software but I now feel that I have a hardware problem! My initial objective is to transfer my SVHSC tapes to DVD. I do own a camcorder at the moment.
    My set up: M/B ECS K7S5A Athlon XP1900(1600gh) Maxtor GB HDD(GB free and defragged)
    M RAM Video AGP 4 Radeon 7000 USB 2 PCI card
    Video Capture via Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2 DVD creator set to capture PAL S video. I have tried both bundled software Ulead VideoStudio 6SE and Windows Movie Maker but get the same results which is why I am leaning towards hardware problem or something wrong with my set up.

    I desperately need some sort of check list to work through so that I can isolate the problem. Hoping for an early reply as I have so little hair left to lose!

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    Default 28 frames per minute


    I have noticed that some numbers are missing
    80Gb HDD 67Gb free and defragged. 512Mb

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    As well as the numbers, it seems you also forgot to say what the actual problem is too!!!!!!

    After a dig around in the other forum to find out what we are talking about...

    Might be the ffact that you're capturing as MPEG1. I capture my analogue tapes into avi files in real time. I suspect that the MPEG encoding is not happening in real time and it;s only proceeding to the next frame when the last is encoded. Hence the awfully slow frame rate.

    See what other capture settign you have available.

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    Default 28 frames per minute

    I am using AVI and am only capturing 28 frames per minute against the setting of 25 frames per second

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    Default 28 frames per minute

    I have solved my own problem! Having tried using a friend's PC with the same results I analyzed my findings. In the end I discovered that the Belkin HiSpeed DVD Creator does not seem to like USB Hubs. I plugged into my USB2 card and had instant success. I am posting this for the benefit of any other poor souls like me!

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