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Thread: Help, camera not found.

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    Default Help, camera not found.

    I have a Dell computer XP with firewire which is showing as enabled & compliant in device manager. The PC is only a few months old. I have a JVC GR-DVL150 digital video camera & I am trying to capture video from the camera to the PC using Sonic digital media version 7 &/or Windows movie maker. I have connected a firewire cable to the DV out on the camera, the camera is switched on, but whatever I do Or whichever programme I use the computer or programme does not recognise the video source, it says no device connected. But if I plug in my Labtec webcam it recognises that. The camera is plugged into the mains, & I have tried it setting the camera to play as well but still it is not recognised. Please can someone with more experience than me as I am totally new to video capturing offer some help & advice.

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    Hello I am having the same problem my mini dv is a samsung vp-d101 and i have tried all the same things, if anyone can offer any help would be very much appreciated.
    steve ward

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