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Thread: Sound but no video during recording on Sony DCR-TRV33E

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    Default Sound but no video during recording on Sony DCR-TRV33E

    Howdy folks, new forum, first post!

    Okay, I have one of the above and up until crimbo it worked fine, both in record and replay mode. Tried to use it yesterday and although it plays back through the view finder and lcd screen fine, I get zip video when in record mode. Sound records okay, but I see nothing in the lcd screen nor view finder.

    Tried all the stupid stuff like night shot mode, faded out, press the reset button etc to no avail. Audio records fine but no video. Not highly impressed being a sony and less than 3 years old, if it has broken down. Stored in a camera bag and in a normal room, so no probs with condensation or any mad extremes. Nothing rattles, battery charged to 90 mins; everything seems fine - zoom works (ie lens moves) just no video input.

    any ideas before I give to Sony and they give me a 500 bill for just batting an eyelid at it?



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    Have you tried a tape head cleaner? Worth a shot at the very least.

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    Hi - cheers, yeah I thought about that after reading the mental english/french combination manual but would dirty heads play back video? Also I'm not getting any picture through the lcd/view finder whether recording or not, so heads are not even being used - the signal from the lens to the lcd/view finder just doesn't seem to be getting through. First thing I thought was fader, but I switched it off. And then did a hard reset. Hmm



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    Default Damn you Sony.....

    :cry: I thought Sony made good, well made products. Apparently not, according to a bit of research I've found it's had a CCD failure!

    Spend too much of their time faffing about with game consoles etc.

    Not a happy bunny.


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    Check with the nearest Sony center, they'll fix it for free.

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    Hi all - yeah just phoned Sony UK, the problem is called the "I2 Campaign" - a known fault. :( Just about to go on our first foreign holiday as well as a family. It's a freepost address - we did have a sony center in town but it shut down. Boo. Free of charge to fix if it is CCD, but have to mark letter with I2 Campaign and if it's not they will contact me; if I don't then they will fix and then charge me. Joy.



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