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Thread: Lost Vegas - a fake trailer UPDATED

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    Default Lost Vegas - a fake trailer UPDATED

    hey there, this is the first thing ive uploaded on here. i was bored and had some footage of a trip to vegas so i thought id make a trailer. the parts im not happy with is the car sound, to noisy, and the club secene the rest i think is quite believable
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    I enjoyed it. I agree about the car audio, and I actually think the boat audio could be better equalized. There were three or four spelling mistakes during the narration that really broke up the experience. Could have had less shaky footage. The intro, 'this preview...' and 'suburnt pictures', was perfect. Lastly (this is nitpicky) I'd say that the font for Lost Vegas Comming Summer 2006 was uninspired, but that's a bit specific.
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    hi thanks for the comments, my typing and spelling is awful, i have sorted that out now and also changed the font and fixed the sounds
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    I really enjoyed that. Actually did feel a bit scary and tense.

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