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    Default A few questions...

    So currently our video making set up includes:

    Windows Movie Maker
    Songs From itunes

    We were looking at the JVC MiniDV Digital Camcorder.

    We are also looking for a new, very cheap (aka FREE) video editor and if anyone carwe recommend one that would be appericated. If anyone can let us know about the camcorder that would be nice, or anotehr one that is good.

    For the camcorder we are looking for one that can:

    Transfer stright to the computer
    Film in the dark


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    Yes JVC do have some very good camera's out at the moment but so do Sony, Panasonic and Canon. It's all a matter of personal taste, what features you are looking for and how much you want to spend. As far as filming in the dark being one of your priorities, I always look at that feature as a bit of a gimmick. In order to get good looking video you have to stay away from extremes of exposure. Darkness being one of them and being in really bright surroundings is another. Cameras work best with mid tones.

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