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Thread: GrabBee X+ Video capture device

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    Default GrabBee X+ Video capture device

    I have a problem with my GrabBee X+ video capture device, all is installed but when I connect my VCR all I get is a no signal message. Does anyone have an experience of this device?

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    Just a thought.

    On the vcr do you have to choose the output?


    I have no knowledge of this device but there may also be input options in the settings too.

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    Default Grabbee X + Deluxe

    I bought this device and installed it and it doesn't show up in my device manager under imaging devices. I have a USB 2.0, WXP SP2 and use IE7. The device works but I can't acquire the image the way I would like to as a twain device. Does anyone know if this is a twain device.

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