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Thread: right/wrong lead or software - no audio captured

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    Default right/wrong lead or software - no audio captured

    Hi, I'm a first time video editor and need some help please.

    I have an old Panasonic VHS-C camcorder (PAL) and want to transfer the video to my hard drive, edit and then eventually copy it to DVD or VCD. I've just picked up a second hand Belkin DVD Creator which I believe is generically termed a video to analogue converter.

    The Belkin lead has a yellow composite? phono socket and an S video socket at one end a USB at the other.

    The camcorder only has yellow and white phono sockets.

    The p.c. doesn't have S video or phono.

    After checking the myriad of leads available from retailers, some of whom had helpful notes, it appeared that I could use a single phono to phono lead to connect the camcorder to the Belkin capture device.
    My first attempts have colour picture but no sound.

    Have I been a complete numpty and picked this up wrong? Do I need to use a yellow/white phono to s video or yellow/white phono to single phono lead.

    Can someone clarify the single phono lead I'm using is fine (or not) or if this is a software issue (and if so how I might fix it)?


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    First things first, your camera is a low band analogue device. Therefore there is no S-Video connection on it so you can forget about using S-Video (much higher picture quality). Connect the lead with the yellow sockets (video) to your camera and then to the breakout box and run a lead from the audio out socket on your camera to the line in socket on your soundcard.

    The audio out socket on your camera is phono but the audio line in socket on your soundcard is 3.5mm, so you'll need some kind of adapter plug. Then check the audio settings on your computer to make sure you are getting an audio 'feed' from the line in and not the microphone or anywhere else. I'd be grateful to know what the picture quality is like when you do transfer your footage to your computer and then onto DVD.

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    Default highest quality?

    Thanks for your reply.

    I'd eventually figured it out yesterday by doing exactly what you'd suggested. All is well. I've seen leads available on the internet that have 2 RCA plugs to a n Svideo plug. Would this increase the quality of my input (the Belkin converter has an svideo input) ?

    As for picture quality - I've only tried mpeg1 pal for VCD so far, 25 fps. Haven't burned it to disk yet and probably won't get the chance until later in the week as I have to go away for a few days.

    Ideally I'd like to put the results on DVD so that I can share it but I think my choices might be limited by my hardware. I have an Athlon XP1900 chip, onboard graphics. The CPU is around 80% most of the time when recording that.

    Would I need to upgrade the hardware to get 720x576 smooth mpeg 2 or PAL DVD, should I reduce the framerate, etc. ?

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    I remember seeing those Belkin capture devices last year and it must have been an NTSC model as the frame size didn't go above 720 X 480 which is too small if you live in the UK or Ireland. As your camera is a low band device (VHS-C) you will see no picture improvement by using the S-Video connector. Your connections are yellow output socket on the camera to yellow input socket on the Belkin and plug into the USB. Then run the audio from the camera into your sound card. Good video capture needs 512Mb ram, a cpu running anywhere between 2.4ghz and 3.0ghz, obviously the faster the cpu the less time it will take to get work done. A large second hard disk would be very useful and use it for video editing only and possibly a 128Mb graphics card (helps speed up renderings of effects, titles, animations etc).

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    thanks. Burned mpeg 1 pal to a vcd. It's lower quality than the VHS video itself but I think from how hard my CPU is working that anything above this quality will probably stutter. I'll try anyway and see if shutting as much down as possible helps.

    My p.c. is an Athlon XP1900, onboard graphics only (32MB), 1024MB RAM running XP.

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