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    I'm a beginner in editing and had a question about matching up audio. We ran 5 cameras at a concert and now I'm trying to sync them all up. Instead of doing it by ear, one by one, I thought I'd try here to see if anyone had any suggestions on how to do this. Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

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    Wow, five cameras all running at the same time, rather u than me. Having said that, where any of the cameras running continously for the entire shoot? I've used a noise or an action that is heard/seen on screen to line audio up like the way 'professionals' use a clapperboard. The noise from it is seen in the audio track, so if you have five audio tracks as in your situation, then find the noise on each track and line each of them up.

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    Look at the audio tracks. Otherwise is bu ear. I ran a 3 camera event and it only took 5mins. You need to see were about audio looks the same and then match it up to the nearist frame.

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    I use the method mentioned by nikosony, look for a movement made by one of the performers that can be seen by all cameras, maybe punching the air or pulling a mic from the stand or landing from a jump, and mark this point up as your in point in the preveiw monitor and then lay them all on top of each other on the timeline.

    Then move them along the timeline as a group, and extend the clips back to the start 1 by 1.

    I do up to 4 cam shoots regular (3 tripod mounted, 1 handheld), and this method works a treat.

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    probably implied aboive but nto the words I would use. Rather than lining up the audio by ear, line it up by sight.

    View the audio waveform. There is usually a pattern or nice spike somewhere you can line the audio up on to be frame accurate.

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