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    What would be your opinion of this camera?

    It is Digital8 but has DV In/Out so what is the score with that?

    Has anyone any experience with it?

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    I was looking at Digital 8 cameras recently aswell to copy old video 8 and Hi 8 tapes (aaaah memories) but as there is virtually no one making them anymore and the support is disappearing fast, I decided to purchase an old Canon Hi 8 Model instead and use the S-video output to connect to the analogue input on my crap HP computer. Unless you want to do the same thing as me, then I'd suggest going for Mini DV as picture quality is mucho better. It's quoted as being near broadcast quality - what is meant by 'near' is anyone's guess?

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    Cheers Nikosony, I am going to opt for DV but just wondered what the opinion of this camera was.

    I will avoid. Cheers geezer.

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    Just considoring bandwidth 'Broadcast quality' for many is actually crap. My digital tv stream looks to be about 2 to 4 mbit mpeg2, boxes everywhere, DV is 25mbit.

    TV through my old fashioned aerial looks far superior.

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