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    Hi Folks,

    Just a quick question - didn't know which forum to put this in so it's here.

    As indpendent film makers how much would you charge to make a 4 minute promotional music video for someone?

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    it all depends on how much the production is going to cost you + how much you think your time and expertise are worth.

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    Depends. Who are you making it for? DO they have a budget for this or are they struggling musicians?

    Are you doing this as a 'no over heads do it for the love' type thing, or do you have a track record as a production company?

    The more you charge the better you will have to be.

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    Indeed depends very much on budget!!!

    Obviously individual talent/editing/filming skills do make a big difference, but fundamentally the more you spend the better it will be...

    (I appreciate this is not strictly true, you get very expensive, shit videos, and really good cheap videos...but I think you get my point...)

    The main things that contribute to costs are

    - number of cameras/operators
    - Additional camera kit, steadycam, jimmy jib etc
    - Number/type of locations
    -Edit/Capture time
    - Actors/extras
    Do you hire a director@450 per day + a Camera operator @375 or hire a decent cameraman with directing abilities!


    Please dont think Im an expert! just sharing my previous experiences, we did the below video for a friends band, it cost about 2500 Ill give you a breakdown of where the money went...

    Location-(75) Old abandoned warehouse on Dunsfold park
    Additional equipment (50 for steadycam kit hire)
    Lighting (150 Full Dado kit, 2 HUGE 2000watt Blondes)
    Extras- A load of scereming kids, got 10 each
    Experienced Camera Operator 275 (We got him cheap normally 700 per day for steadycam work!)
    Additional Camera operator (150)
    Catering for 40 people 275.00
    3 Days editing and post production 375 per day *(These were 12-16 hour days!)
    Transport- 100+ (hire minibus)

    In theory, this video could have been done for pennies if it was for say a really close friend, the only things essential to this particular video that really cost any money to hire was the lighting... and location. (please bare in mind most derilict warehouses etc have no power/water/toilets etc... If you are involving 40+ people you really bhave to offer these facilities!

    Sorry if Ive gone off on one, of you need want any more info feel free to ask!

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