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    Default WRC video compilation

    Hey. I'm new here and this is my first post.

    I've been into video editing for maybe a year or more, but have only been working with pretty basic editors so far mostly doing highlight compilations for WRC (World Rally Championship) events.

    The comments I've gotten from people have been positive. I registered here to see what others do and get ideas or share them. So I thought I'd see what you make of my videos, maybe get some helpful tips and tricks.

    This video has been made with Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus.

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    Default Wow...

    Awesome! This video is great! You made a strong decision by using hi quality footage, it wouldn't have been as good without the aerial shots and close ups, but that's only part of the magic. I'm not sure if you edited the intro with all the ruins and such, but if you did, huge props. That was good, real good. The intro with the dude saying “hello and welcome to Turkey” was a great segue into the actual show. I really enjoy your choice of music. I personally like trance, so I'm somewhat biased, but I honestly believe that it allowed you to do a lot with very the recognizable riffs, sequences and loops. The two elements you used most, speed and superimpositions of shots over themselves, was incredible. Every time you did so, it matched the music with perfect precision. I never would have thought of super imposing a clip over itself and magnifying, but it worked really well. I've seen enough videos that use speed ups and slow downs to know that your use is incredibly intuitive. The transitions of your speed match the transitions of the music flawlessly. I'm in love. Your treatment of the car with green decals’ turn was, honestly, really frickin' cool. The stop frames matched the music so well. When you did the same with the red car, I didn't think it was quite so good, but that's the difference between good and HOLY WOW THAT WAS COOL. I really enjoyed it.

    Now for the critiques. I didn't personally understand the section about the guy turning and the screws popping. I realized on second review his steering column probably popped, but that was after some review. I think superimposing the Citroen and Subaru right together was a bit much, it kind of mucked with your other superimpositions. the last critique that I have is of the square that popped up when the bumper came off. I have to say I didn't like that at all. It seemed too heavy handed, something someone would do if their production standards were much lower than the yours. Still, even with these minor problems, most of which are personal preferences, I have to say that your video was totally top notch. It was just amazing.

    This is going on my ipod.

    PS- who did the music?
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    I always find it difficult to critique this type of "compilation" video: the shots are created by professional cameramen with years of expereince and equipment to match; and the footage has already been through an edit process to filter out the hours upon hour of tripe.

    That said, it's neatly edited and very watchable. For that you are to be congratulated. However, for extra kudos, get yourself down to the nearest rally and set yourself up with a camera!

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    Its a really nice video. that track is used in Collateral. whats it called?

    I have to agree that its seems alittle different when you havnt taken the footage yourself. you cant have full cred but still a great video

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    my bad. I spotted the track name on the video after the 2nd time I watched it

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    Thanks for the comments, I really apriciate it.

    On the opening sequence I have to say I sadly didn't make it. It was on the TW review of where the footage comed from. I just tried to make it start in the right place so it would go together with the music. I did cut it into a few pieces and added a little in bewteen, since the music sequence was longer.

    On the white square in the middle of the video - I have to agree, that was a bad choise, but what can I do now.

    Also I would like to do something with my own matherial, but sadly the best camera I have now is a digital photo camera, that doesn't allow high enough quality. Using professional footage will end with a better result, offcourse it means less work so I can understand your statement Marc.

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