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    I am using Premiere Pro 2 & Canopus Video FX. The problem is that as soon as I put Canopus Transition between two clips the video disappears from Preview window & then there is no preview if I play my video from any location on the timeline. But If I stop the play back & Click on the preview window the picture comes of the location where I stopped the playback. Pls let me know whats behind this.

    PC Config :-
    Intel P4 3.0 Ghz HT
    Intel 915 GAV Motherboard
    G Force PCX 5300 graphics card
    Seagate Sata HDD

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    on the preview window click the little arrow on the top right (the settings arrow), and click playback settings.... in there uncheck play video on dv hardware, thath should solve your problem!
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    HAve you tryed re-installing your Canopus Video FX's? Then try re-installing adobe Ppro2. If that doesn't work then phone up advise lines I would think. From what I gather there is somthing wrong within the plugin settings not within the actual software itself.

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    Thank You very much both of you for your suggestions. The Problem is solved but I did something somethin else. I clicked the little arrow on the top right on the preview window & selected multi camera monitor rather than properties. A new window appeared & got the timeline video (with canopus transition) visible in the preview window. I closed the multi camera window & there was everything working fine.

    Thank You.

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