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    Take a look at this screen grab:

    Now if you bought a video camera for 199.99 and got this quality of image would you be happy?

    This is from a still shot. Motion isn't as bad but the lines are still visible.

    Now am I being unreasonable expecting a 199.99 camera to produce a better image than this?

    My friend has a 200 JVC and it is 10 times better than this camera which is a Samsung.

    What are your thoughts on the quality of this image?

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    You can always use it as a surveillance cam...

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    Absolutely dire!

    I would suggest that it's not at all acceptable and certainly not useable for anything.

    What make is the camcorder, just in case I get tempted by a cheapy.

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    It's crap, didnt we cover this in another thread?

    Take it back, it really is that bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark W
    It's crap, didnt we cover this in another thread?

    Take it back, it really is that bad.
    You're right Mark we did do this on another thread but this image is so bad I wanted to know your thoughts on this one.

    For the Guru it is the Samsung VPD351.

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    this is bad
    i got a 250 dollar samsung it has way better quilty then this

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    I wrote to Samsung about this situation and have just had an interesting chat with Nathan from their technical department.

    Samsung have come up with every excuse under the sun to justify how bad this camera is.

    At first he blamed the bad image on it being printed out from the PC. Then I told him the bad image appears straight from the camera to the TV so that is b*ll*x.

    Then he tried to say because it's only a 1.8 megapixel CCD that's why it's looking like it is.

    As I told him my mobile takes better shots and he said that it is a higher megapixel. Rubbish, as it is in fact lower.

    Then after being on hold for about 5 minutes he came back and disagreed that the camera is bad quality to which I differed and said that I don't think they're taking it seriously and they have obviously let a device slip by quality control.

    To which he wanted to know what I wanted him to do.

    So I told him I was merely writing to let them see how bad it was and to understand just because they haven't all been returned doesn't mean there is no issue and that my 200 JVC is far superior in quality and Argos are also disparaging about Samsung equipment.

    Then he said "What was that sir?"

    I then hung up because he was getting on my t!ts.

    The morale of this story is "Don't buy Samsung!"

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