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Thread: Sony Vegas Plug-In Packs?

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    Default Sony Vegas Plug-In Packs?

    Hi all, just curious to see any recommendations for plug-in packs because I am looking for additional transitions & effects for sony vegas?

    I am editing films that require a lot of transitions.

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    Not transitions, but cool effects.

    I had v1, just d loaded this, v2.

    Has shatter, 3d le (good for forced 3d pic in pic, and more....

    Careful with those transitions in that project, I am amazed you need more than vegas comes with ! Is it a pop vid ?

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    Is this (wax free) compatible with Vegas + Dvd Movie Studio Platinum ??

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    Default how???

    I found this on the wax website, and i AM having that trouble:

    Note for Vegas users

    With Vegas 4 and above the plugin integrates more with Vegas using scripting so please download and install the .NET framework if you havent yet.

    What exactly does that mean i have to download and where can i find it?
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    It's a free Microsoft download. Try
    or possibly

    for version 1.1 (which I *think* is all that's required). If those links don't work for you just go to and search for ".net framework".

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    Hi everyone.
    Last week i searching some plugins for sony vegas and found nice website. Where You can found free plugins for example Wrapped Paning or Film Clutter . Just See It.

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    There's a lot of links on my site, see below

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    Transitions: What are expert views? I thught you should limit the type and style of transitions (although a left-wipe could follow a right-wipe - this helps straighten the minds of the Audience).

    I thought VS had more than enough transitions - enough to satisfy the most transition-hungry film. However, when watchiing vids, I do sometime get fatigued by too many. Surely the transition should be "almost invisible" like you willed it to move the story along.

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    Your right Vidmanners, unless it is for a effect to emphasize draw attention to something

    The viewer should not be distracted by transitions or any effect really, it should appear natural.

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