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    Hey Yall,, never got the answer i was looking for so i thoguht that i would trie here.

    Please try to understand what i am saying

    I like to record my games with Fraps while i play. Ok.. After i finish recording i am able to just watch it on WMP, Which is cool by me..

    Ok , now imagine that your Watching a favorite Video clip that you just recorded while playing whatever game you want in WMP, now what i am trying to do is Insert my Picture into the bottom right hand or left hand corner or any corner for that matter, while the video is playing.

    I need the picture to last the entire Video Length.

    Understand What i am saying.. Any program that you guys know would help me Please let me know, or if anyone can post even a 5-10 second Video of what i am talking about, that would help alot, and to let me know how it is done.


    Another Words i want to be able to watch my video and see my picture in any of the corners.

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    You will need a editor which you have multiple layers. Send me all the stuff and giveme exactly the directions and i will knock it up-

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    Luke. If you stick with me i will be able to do it. I will have my new computer in about a week, so then i will be able to do it.

    Then i will send you the stuff.


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