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Thread: need some help with some videos (i use a mac)

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    Default need some help with some videos (i use a mac)

    well, first off...i'm new, so hi everyone!!
    i don't know if you guys will be able to help me, but any effort to help at all is greatly appreciated! anyways, here's my problem...
    i have some tv shows on my computer that i have recorded onto my video camera from the TV, and then transferred them using a firewire cable onto my computer. The only problem is, they have a black line on the right side, sort of squishing the video. I have figured out how to tranfer the videos from my TV to computer without the black line, but i can't figure out how to fix the ones with the black line, and i really need the episodes. Basically, i want to know how to take off some width from the video...and then sort of stretching it so it will be the same size it was before?? i don't know if i'm making sense or if this is even possible...if any of you could help in any way, that would be awesome!!
    -oh, and just another random there a way to change widescreen DVD's into full screen, or is that just a stupid question? thanks again!

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    I'm not a Mac user, so I can't give specific advice.

    But in general, to fix what you describe will require a video editing program that can change the horizontal size. There are several for PC's. Don't know what's available for Macs.

    To make DVD WS to FS again requires a good video editor program for best results. The simple way, to just magnify until full screen, will usually result in cutting out important side parts of some scenes. The movie studios zoom and pan while making a film copy to keep the important parts in view, an expensive proposition. Of course, digital video editing is much faster and cheaper.
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    hey- thanks for answering! i do have acess to PC's also, so i can transfer the videos over if there is no mac programs i can find. can you give me the names of some of the best ones for PC so i can look at them? maybe if i see those i might be able to find something for a mac...i tried googling it, but i didnt know what exactly to call it.
    and for the WS-FS, is there any program you could suggest for me to use? i have some episodes of shows in widescreen id like to make FS, and i have some dvd's in WS that id like to put on my computer in FS...the reason i need it to be full screen is because then im going to put it on an iPod video, and the screen is small enough as it is, i want the video to take up the whole screen. anway, thanks for all your help!

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    Why are u using a video camera to record off the TV? Do you not get a black band moving up and down the screen or flickering? I think your problems would be sorted out if you recorded to a VCR or DVD recorder first and then connected it to an analogue capture card (PCI) or whatever it's called on the Mac.

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    no, there was only the black line on the side when i recorded directly to my camera. now, i record off my VCR, there's no black lines. does anyone know how to help me??? please? im kind of desperate

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