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Thread: render help needed urgently

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    Default render help needed urgently

    hi guys, I am a newbie to Vegas and am editing a project about an hr in length.

    The final output will be on DVD.

    What way should I render this so that I dont have to render many times.

    I.E when i render in Vegas I dont want to have to also render in DVD Architect.

    Hope someone can give me some advice asap.


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    i render into mpeg2 and use 2pass on the video options when preparing for DVD

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    ok so are you saying you DO render twice then??

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonnyc747
    ok so are you saying you DO render twice then??
    There is a template in Vegas to renger to DVD archetict compatible files. Tick the 2pass option and make sure the audio is included (if required).
    When the file is rendered DVDA does not need to re-compress the files.

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    2pass is with regards the render and bitrate. By usung a 2pass it is a longer render but it optimizes the bitrate used instead of giving a constant bitrate thus giving a larger file. The templates to use are:
    DVD Pal
    DVD Pal with Separate streams( creates a separate ausio and video file)
    DVD Architect Pal video stream - This u need to click on the audio tab and tell it to include the audio.

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    thanks for all the help guys.

    much appreciated!

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