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Thread: Difference between MPEG 1 & 2?

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    Default Difference between MPEG 1 & 2?

    Can anyone explain the following for me. When I capture video and edit it on Movie Maker it saves it asa WMV file. I then convert it to an mpeg using Video Edit Magic so that I can burn it to disc using Nero. From MPEG out put on Video Edit Magic I can select MPEG 1 VCD, MPEG2 SVCD, MPEG2 DVD. What are the difference with all these - is it just a quality issue or anything else? Any explanation would be gratefully received.

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    MPEG 1 VCD - 352x288 (PAL) or 352x240 (NTSC) video @ 1150kbps with MPEG 1 compression (MPEG 1 doesn't have much in the way of motion estimation) . Recorded to CD with 44.1ksps audio (MP3)

    MPEG2 SVCD - 480x576 (PAL) or 480x480 (NTSC) 2520kbps (or 1600kbps VBR) with MPEG2 compression. Has much better motion estimation. Record to CD with 44.1ksps (or sometimes to DVD, if player can handle it with 48ksps audio LPCM, MP3 or less often AC3. Called 2/3 D1

    MPEG2 DVD - 720x576 (PAL) or 720x480 (NTSC) up to 8000kbps (or 7000kbps VBR) with MPEG 2 compression. Audio always 48ksps, may be LPCM, MP2, AC3 or DTC format.

    What format you use should be based on your media choice. If you pick DVD, then use MPEG2-DVD. With different bit rate settings you can easily fit a 90 to 165 minute movie onto a 4.7G single surface DVD.

    If you pick VCD, all you can fit on a CD is about 70 minutes and the quality will be a little worse than a VHS tape.

    SVCD has better quality than VCD, but only holds about 30-35 minutes. Fine for half hour TV shows.
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    thanks very much for the info.

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