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Thread: Sony camera compatible with Xpress DV

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    Default Sony camera compatible with Xpress DV

    Hi, all:

    I have experience with FCP and Im researching the components needed to build a workstation for Avid Xpress DV. Everything seems clear-cut to me regarding hardware but I keep reading that there are capture problems with the Sony DCR-HC20. I actually read in one forum how to fix the problem. Id like to know if I can indeed bypass this problem or if I have to consider getting another camcorder.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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    If it's got firewire - it should work. So don't worry if you don't find your exact camcorder model in the capture settings dialog, just set it to generic. Try FreeDV before you buy, to make sure you don't get any surprizes.

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    Thanks a lot for this info. Worked (on FreeDV) like a charm!! I'm assuming that if all goes well with FreeDV all should go well with Xpress DV.

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