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    hi all , have posted this one before with no luck.(prem 6.5) when exporting i would like to save as microsoft avi (dv) or just avi but the Quality is bad after. I have burnt it to dvd and same bad prob. and have played it back in different programmes but still the same. When people move is seems very bad. When I look at the imported movie it is fine. Also when I save it not as a avi but as a mpeg the problem goes away. But I'm not sure if that is the best format to save as plus I would like to export back to vid cam as well. It must have some thing to do with settings?? :(

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    What settings are you using to export the movie? Are you using any video effects? (For example, I found that, on certain kinds of footage, de-interlacing actually makes the picture worse).

    Are you using any special codecs like DivX or XviD?

    I had that problem in PPro 7, but it was because I was using an old plug-in called DE_FileDamage (make footage look old) and it wasn't 100% compatible with PPro 7.

    I'm think it has something to do with either an effect/plug-in you're using or a codec issue. I don't have 6.5 on my system anymore ... otherwise I'd ask you to send me the footage (just 10 seconds of it) to test it out.

    Anybody reading this who's using 6.5 want to try that?


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    Default thanks for your reply

    cheerz for your help , when going through the settings for export i found that it was set to NTSC not PAL that the vid cam. now I am having trouble of a different kind , the film is about 4.5-4.7gb long but the computer will only save 3.99gb no mater what you do to the movie.


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