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    I record my video on a camcorder and transfer it to the computer through a DV, i usually edit it using premiere pro, and I usually save the file as DV avi or somethign like that, (not just avi), the quality of that is good, also the file size is HUGE!!! but i compress tht, ok so sometimes I need to add an effect which I can't really do good in premiere so save it to DV avi and import it to after effects, i edit and save it as just avi, then it asks me wht type of compression would I like to use, so I put none because I want to the video to look good, and when it finishes loading, the quality of the video clip is not as good as in premiere, can anyone tell me how to make the quality of that like in premiere?

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    One method that i have learnt is this:
    Copy and paste the sequence from premier to after effects.
    Make your composition for the titles, then delete the video and save.
    Then import the titles back into premier on a new video track.
    Then you can output from premier and hopefully retain the quality.
    Hope this helps,

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    I tried that it doesn't work, I copied the clip from premiere and tried to paste in after effects but it didn't work, i also tried to copy the sequence and still didn't work, i can't copy and paste titles either, can u tell me wht to do? thanks!!!

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    Hmm i'm not sure where you're going wrong so I'll do it myself now and type out the steps as i go - here goes....

    In Premier Pro (PP)
    1. Click on the clip in the timeline that you want the titles to go on top of.
    2. Press Ctrl-C to copy to the clipboard

    Alt-Tab to After Effects (EF)
    1. Start a new composition with the same settings as your PP project (mine was PAL 720 x 576)
    2. Press Ctrl-V to paste video clip to timeline
    3. Press the left square bracket key ([) to bring the clip to the start of the timeline.
    4. Press Ctrl-k to alter your composition time to whatever (mine was 10 seconds)
    5. OK now create your titles using the type tool etc in the usual way.
    6. When you're done with that you can delete the video layer - this doesn't need to be rendered as you will be importing the titles back to PP

    NOW - this is the bit I left out of my previous post - you need to render the composition.
    7. Click Composition - Add to Render Queue
    8. Alter your settings - make sure you use millions of colours + (the + is important - this keeps the transparency)
    9. Once rendered you can save and close out AE.

    Back in PP
    1. Double click in the project window and import the titles in.
    2. Add a video effect - in the keying folder called Remove Matte - drag ot over the titles in the timeline - and in the effects control choose black matte.

    That's it - hope this works for you...


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    i tried to copy and paste, but it doesn't work, i followed ur each steps but i can't paste it into the other program, which version of AE and PP r u using? maybe its different in different versions.

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    I'm using PP1.5 and AE6.5
    I think this feature is new to AE6.5...


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    im also using PP1.5 AE6.5, i wonder why its not working? do u have any ideas???

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