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    Just did this the past two days as a comp's not really a music video - moreso an audition/promotional video for a local dancer. I still have to color correct and tweak a few cuts, but here she goes...

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    the beginning i liked....but then it fast fowarded during the song so it was allmessy. dunno i guess my windows media player dont like mp4 files.

    So you live in Philadelphia too? Thats sweet to see a fellow philly guy
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    Quite interesting. Maybe a bit too much dancing in the same outfit, but then its a dancing promo video. I liked it at the end how you interjected shots of the city skyline.

    I enjoyed it. I watched it to the end without fast forwarding, so I know thats a good sign

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    this is interesting. Goog thing you are doing color correction as most of it is very flat. On the whole it works nicley but - the closeup shots don't do anything for her. I felt i was missing the action on these close-ups.

    She could have glammed herself up a bit more and done something a lil more exciting with her hair.

    I loved the shot where you panned up from her shadow but don't use it a second time. - The ednding shots of the cityscape are nice but irrellevant - would be nicer to see her walk away if the video is about her.

    All the cuts were good. Will be great to see a colour corrected version with all the colours really pushed getting rid of the home video flat feel.

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