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    ok rookie question,

    But what are the differences between NTSC and PAL?

    Is there a preferred format? for computer editing and capturing? and stuff like that?
    like i was looking at a sony HDV camera, and it was PAL format, is that good for capturing onto my computer or what?


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    I'm sure there are many many technical differences and for all sorts of reasons but basically NTSC is the TV signal standard used in North America (and elsewhere?) and PAL is the standard for Europe (and elsewhere?). The resolution is different as is framerate I beleive.

    Fidn out what you local standard is and stick to it. If you are USA then you should record, capture, edit amd master your DVDs in NTSC. If you are in the US and produce a PAL DVD thenthe chances are it will not play in your DVD player.

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