I am just starting off - building my video editing system.

Most of the guides Iíve read say that itís easier to edit by viewing output on a TV while you have the timeline etc on your PC monitor. How do I view the video output from premiere pro on my TV?

Currently I dont have an A to D convertor but i am looking at canopus ADVC100 (with a firewire cad ) OR ADVC1394 (an OHCI card)

ADVC100: If I go for this the brochures say it has DV-->Analogue conversion as well. This is mainy meant for sending analogue video back to a VHS machine at the end of the edit process. But is the ADVC100-->Firewire Card link bidirectional, so that any video played in Premiere can be sent through Firewire into the ADVC100, through the ADVC100 analogue outputs and displayed on my TV in Realtime?

ADVC1394: If I go down this route would I somehow use a video card TV output to display the Premiere video output on TV. Has anyone tried this solution? I assume I would need a video card with separate TV output to do this rather than just D-SUB and DVI?

Video card
I am in the market for a new video card so has anyone got a recommendation for a good one to use in the above system setup bearing my mind my questions above. I want to avoid a video card with a cooling fan Ė I am trying to keep the noise down as much as possible. I am not a gamer and donít need DirectX 9.0, so I was considering a Radeon 9200 with 128MB, D-SUB and DVD-I outputs. Any thoughts? If I need a card with DVI and TV output as well Ė any thoughts?