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Thread: Pinnacle 9.4 doesnt work on AMD machine

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    Default Pinnacle 9.4 doesnt work on AMD machine

    Hi, Ive got a frustrating problem with Pinnacle 9.4. I recently bought a new system because my old P4 wasnt fast enough when it came to rendering video. On my old P4 Pinnacle runs without a problem, except that its slow. On my new machine however, after I installed Pinnacle and tried to run it, the program would close after 30seconds or so without a warning and there wouldnt even be a error message. So I thought maybe it needs a patch which I then downloaded from the Pinnacle support site, but lo and behold, Pinnacle still doesn't work. Only now it stays open for a while longer (enough for me to import a video), but as soon as I want to start working on the imported file, Pinnacle freezes up and gives me the "error: Sorry about the inconvience, but Pinnacle has encountered a problem and needs to close...etc, etc, etc" message. Is there anyone who has encountered a similar problem and found the sollution?
    It is driving me up the wall. I thought there was a problem with windows so i formatted the hard drive & reinstalled windows and Pinnacle, but alas I had the same thing happen. Here is the specs of my new system:

    AMD Athlon 3800 x2 64x
    K8N SLI motherboard
    ASUS 256mb PCI xpress X550 series
    250gb SATA Hardrive
    1GB ram
    XP 2000 TV capture card
    Win XP Pro, service pack2.

    Is it maybe that Pinnacle is incompatible with AMD dual core processors? Cause I found that on a friends computer certain programmes would freeze up when hyperthreading was enabled on his P4 3ghz. They work fine when HT is disabled, so could that be the problem with the dual core?
    O and another thing, I installed WinXPx64 on another partition and wanted to install Pinnacle there, but it doesnt even want to install there. Any patch i can download for that?

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    1. Are you talking about the same material, because there might be something wrong with your capture file.
    2. You can't install Pinnacle Studio on an x64 OS (yet?).

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    I found this on pinnacle website FAQ

    Does Studio 9 provide support for dual-processors and Intel Hyperthreading ( HT) technology ?


    Yes, it does. Pinnacle Studio 9 is capable of using a dual processor system and also take advantage of the Intel HyperThreading HT technology .

    Note: You need to use an operation system like Windows 2000 or Windows XP to be able to use this feature. Windows ME and Windows 98 SE are not supporting dual processors.

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    I tried to import different files but it still doesnt work. Now it sometimes gives me error messages and other times it doesnt give error msg and just closes with a strange "brrrrrr" sound. Now i rather work on my P4 2.4 Celeron, which works, but is much slower.
    I want to buy Adobe Premier 4 the AMD machine. Is it any good?

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    If you're gonna get Adobe Premiere for an AMD machine, don't do what I did - ie. pay 70 for it without checking you could get a refund if it doesn't work. I just happened to buy it from one place that doesn't and before I even got as far as unpacking the manual during installing it I found out I couldn't use it with my AMD machine because it doesn't support SSE2 commands (well, obviously, i'm sure we all know what those are) then I was looking at 70 wasted. I think it will work on a couple of AMD machines but I'd check it out first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mihai
    2. You can't install Pinnacle Studio on an x64 OS (yet?).
    Correction. It is possible. At least with version 9.4.3.

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