I have a file of about 20 minutes long, filmed with a sony DV cam.

On my old pc and Premier pro 7 I never had this problem, but on my new one and 1.5 I can get any good rendered footage.

Even encoding in mpeg 2 the image stutters and so does the audio.

My new pc has the following spec's : 3.4Ghz P4, 2Gig DDR2 Ram, 7800GT msi, 945i chipset mobo from gigabyte. I have to HD's a raptor 37gig and a WD 250 gig HD. On the 250 I have 2 partitions, a part for my rushes and rendered files and a part for my pictures and other data.

I have no idea if it's a pc prob, or software ... or I'm doing something completely wrong when rendering.

Are there some gooed rendering tutorials on the net?

And maybe also a interesting thing, I have no codec's installed, execept the standart XP pro , WinDVD and premier pro programmed codec's who came with teh software.

Thanks in advance!