Im using Premier 6.5 and having a consistand audio desync issue. I have this problem importing Mpegs, DV AVIs as well as raw uncompressed (HUGE) files.

In all cases the audio is correctly synced on the clip that I am importing when played with media player.

When the clip is added to the timeline the sync goes off by up to 1/2 second. If I unlink the audio and slip it back on the timeline I can line it back up and it is correct for the length of the clip. There is usualy an audible glitch in the sound on the timeline in the first second or two where it repeats and goes off. This is extreemly frustrating as it ads alot of hassle to what should be a quick operation.

I was unable to find any reference to a problem like this by searching. I found alot on mpeg to audio sync failing over time.