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Thread: Newbie - help with selecting software

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    Default Newbie - help with selecting software

    Hi guys, sorry to trouble you with this but I'm new to video editing etc.

    Here's the problem/situation.

    I have been given some DVD's containing various clips of footage that need to be edited and burned onto a single DVD.

    As far as I can tell, these would normally be copied onto the hard drive as .VOB files which I think are difficult to edit.

    So, I need some advice as to which software would be good for a novice user to be able to handle/convert and edit these files.

    I currently have the offer of either using Sony Vegas 6 +DVD or Adobe Premiere Pro 2.

    Any suggestions as to which would be better (bearing in mind my limited knowledge/experience).

    Would prefer a package that does all things (e.g. import, edit, burn and even make a cup of tea when necessary lol)

    Many thanks
    Paul Smith

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    try there are loads of guides about dvd conversion to many formats.

    Also check out the tools section, as there are many freeware apps for download.

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    Vobs can be edited in vegas, if they give you any trouble rename the extension to .avi or .mpg, on of those usually works.

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