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    Hi, im also new to this site, and i just wanted to tell people about this new site that showcases up and coming talent in 4 areas and 1 of which is video so it maybe useful to some people who have any shorts or videos they would like to show... its worth a look - the site is due to launch in march, but we thought we would open the doors early to get some feedback, so if you have some time then its well worth checking out, we are also looking to get some new talent to list once we have launched, at the moment its pretty full up, the site covers music, video, fashion and photography.

    its all about showing new and unknown talent so great if your looking to get noticed for your talent.

    we also have a monthly podcast, the first one is up and can be found under 'fat talent' in Itunes

    all feeback is welcome - enjoi

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    its a awsome looking website, i really like the idea!. if you can get it infront of people who could give talented people jobs it would be a really great site.
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