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Thread: PROBLEM WITH IEE conection and my SONY DCR HC19e

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    Default PROBLEM WITH IEE conection and my SONY DCR HC19e

    HI to all of you ,

    please can someone help me with my problem . I have a mini DV camcorder SONY DCR HC 19E . I have conected it with my PC via USB cable . Thats not problem and my PC and Windows XP recognized my cam and I couled cepture the movie from my cam .

    But when I conect my cam with the IEE cable my PC do not recognize my cam . The IEE controler is working good and is listed in my Hardwre profile . Drivers are also OK , but I do not know whats the problem .

    Can somone please help me .

    If yes please replay to this message or write me to my mail :

    Thank you a lot

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    Default Sony DCR HC 19E

    The answer is NOT to use your USB connection. Go buy a firewire card for about 15 and you will not believe the difference!

    Even if your USB was working, the quality and speed of download is absolutely terrible. I know because I had your problem!

    I hope that this helps.

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    Turn on the camera and plug in the firewire cable. When you're done, disconnect the cable, then turn off the camera.

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    If I understand correctly, you are connecting your camera with a firewire cable (A.K.A. IEEE or iLink cable) but it is not being recognised by the computer.

    First steps in diagnosing the problem are to see what the weak link is so:
    • Try a different Firewire cable

    • Try a different Camera

    • Try a different Firewire card

    • Try a different Computer

    hopefully that will tell you where the problem is, then you can search for a solution to it.
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    Default Problem

    You could also try downloading the latest driver from Sony. I seem to recall I did this too.

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    I had a problem like this, sony miniDV, firewire, windows XP pro. I hooked everything up, but no camera sensed. Then, i went to the hardware manager in the system folder (right click on 'my computer', properties, system, hardware manager), then delete the firewire port, then scan for new hardware, voila!, cam is now recognized and all transfers worked perfectly.

    Can't explain it, but it appears to be a windows problem.

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