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Thread: Chapter problem.

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    Default Chapter problem.

    Ok well i am to a point where i haev finished the dvd i am making about 90%. I still need to put in the "Outtakes" menu and one more fetures menu and im done, which shouldnt take too long. But i have just discovered a problem. The chapter scenes menu which i made works, but when i click any of hte chapters (other than chapter 1) the sounds does not work, its just a wierd loud buzzer sounding...if i let the movie run by itself it work fine. Its just whe ni try to select teh scene it dont work... any help would be greatly appriciated. I have a deadline and this is for school :(

    thanks alot and take care.

    PS: i exported through Premier Pro; Video @ Mpeg-2VD high quality VBR, Audio @ 44KHz 16-bit.

    and i am putting it together in encore DVD

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    You never said but I assume this is Adobe Encore we are talking about here.

    I've no direct experience of this issue so this is just guesswork but I woinder if your chapter selection buttons have somehow got themselves pointing to a non-existent audio channel.

    Click on one of the chapter buttons and then specify the link. Choose the 'Specify other...' option at the bottom and check the settings in there. teh audio part may just be linked to something silly.

    As I said, just guessing.

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    Hrmm, how do i check what audio chanel each chapter is pointing to? from chapter 1-4 it works, but from 5 and up the audio is rele weird, and yes my appologies i am using encore to finalise this.

    Thanks for the reply

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    Ibelieve i mentioned where the settign was in my previous post.

    button link option in the properties and choose the 'Specify other...' option at the bottom.

    when the window pop up is the audio option at the bottom set to 'No change' for all chapter buttons.

    If it's not then i suspect that's your answer. If they all say 'no change' then I don't know the answer, sorry.

    As I said, just guessing that you might have inadvertently changed audio channel for some buttons.

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    Ahh thats what you ment, yeah i made those say "no change" when i started the video. Hrmm i guess il have to figure it out. I got to go to work now though thanks a bunch for your help, take care.

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    looking at your export settings, you have the audio set to 44khz 16 bit, encore will be looking for 48khz for DVD output,

    if this is so then in the project window next to the audio file, it should indicate that it needs to transcode, if so right click the file and choose transcode now.

    This may help

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