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Thread: Converting analogue video to dvd/hard drive

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    Default Converting analogue video to dvd/hard drive

    Hi peeps

    I'm completely new to all this.
    Basically I have stacks of home video taken on my Sony handycam and i want it converted in to dvd. I have the pc and the drives but i can't find a suitable cable to connect my camcorder to my pc. What else , if anything would i need? I have an editing suite installed but i can't figure out how to upload the film to the pc.
    Please help!

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    Need a little bit more information for some of us to try and tackle your task at hand.

    First: What are your specs of your pc?

    When you say cable from camera to pc are you using a Firewire or USB. DO NOT USE USB to capture with if at all possible.

    What is the name of the editing suite that you have?
    What kind of camera do you have?

    There are some very talented people on this forum and one of us can help you along the way.

    Welcome to the forums.

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    Asus A7N8X Dlux
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    1 Gig Mem
    Windows XP Pro
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    Default Converting Analog to too please

    I didn't post this question but would have because I have the same situation!
    My old Sony Handycam model CCD-FX410
    (from 1993) used the 8mm cassette type tapes.

    There is a special RFU adapter on the side to hook it up to the TV and such that go with this thing so we can't hook up the firewire or usb to anything on the camera. (that I can tell) There was an adapter to hook it up to a VCR to EDIT if you want but I don't know if it is still available. It didn't come with the camera.

    I hope your not laughing yet...
    I went around to the "big box" stores trying to get info about how to do it and nothing.
    I was told I could do it when I bought the computer but....

    My PC set up is: (what I know anyway)..

    HP 7170n Media Center Edition 2005
    Win XP Home SP2
    Radeon X300
    Intel Pent D 830
    1.0GB (PC2-4200 DDR2 SD RAM)
    250GB (7200rpm Serial ATA Hard Drive)
    LG Flatron 1750S

    It came pre-loaded with SONIC CD/DVD

    If you need more info I'll figure out how to get it.
    If you might walk me through doing this too that would be awesome as I have some old precious memories I'd love to get on DVD!

    I have a combo VHS/ DVD player on which I can dub, I just want to keep as much quality to them as I can.

    Thanks again in advance!
    \"Just A Kid In a Grown-Up Body\"

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