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Thread: Psyck (music video; original)

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    Hi there,

    Here is a link to one of my videos. I film and edit all my works myself. I also write, perform, record and produce all the music. Here is one for you to check out entitled, "Psyck." It has made a few think, as well as made a few threaten….all the same, these are things I am Psyck of.

    Feel free to take a look:

    Peace and beers,

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    A lot of work must have went into that one. Nice Job. Had trouble hearing the lyrics (sons asleep, so I can't turn it up), which I'm sure were part of the "Psyck experience" I missed out on.



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    Yes, much good work there and a long render I am sure.

    I recognised many of those pictures too. I am not sure about the well executed idea. All those 'annoy the parents' pictures kind of grate after a bit, perhaps this is the idea? I like abba so I am not really a fit judge I suppose ! !

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    i thought the song was well produced as was the video, i wasnt a great fan of the song, and the video looked like it tried to be controversial

    overall though, you made it with passion and thats what really counts
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    I think you should do more enron and take martha stewart out.

    They just had a field day on Martha... tried to make an example out of her.

    The problem that I have with her trial & sentence is A) an our of her time is worth more than the transaction that she did, B) she probably had no idea she was breaking the law, and C) since the amount of money was so small, I think it would have better served the public (by many orders of magnitude) to just force her to donate 50 million dollars to charity. Everyone would've been better off.

    Meanwhile, Enron execs still haven't seen jail... and those guys deserve a brutal beating & life sentences.

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    Thought I'd admire my new sig for a little bit.

    Judging from your video, I'm sure you'll approve.

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