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Thread: Pinnacle Studio 9, Make movie help!

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm having trouble making my movie. It's all finished etc and ready to burn but when i make the movie it doesn't seem to be copying to DVD.

    My settings i have are:output format - DVD
    Quality, custom - 5100
    Media - DVD-R/RW OR DVD+R/RW
    disc writer - DVD RW DW-D22A BYS2.

    The DVD im using is Imation- DVD+R 4.7GB/120MIN. 65% quality. 90 mins used and 8 seconds left?

    Anyone any ideas i have burned a DVD before so not sure why it's not working this time?

    2nd qustion is in the menu i have music but when i turn to the 2nd page of the chapters i want the music to carry on but it starts from the start of the track again?

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