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Thread: underwater hockey - sample shots

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    Default underwater hockey - sample shots

    The game is very dynamic but often unseen by a spectator.
    The SeeTheGame project is out to - reveal the game of underwater hockey (octopush) to a spectator, by removing the air/water surface interface..... as you do!

    A short sample video of some club game play can be seen here:

    . - revealing the game of underwater hockey (octopush) to a spectator, by removing the air/water surface interface.... as you do!

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    Like all the background preparation of the equipment (as told in website). Its all part of the art of video making and your project is really original.
    The shots give a real sample of a great team game.

    Good luck with rest of project.

    I'll drop you an email through your website address as am interested to see if possible to become involved in your project, even if helping with financing/sponsor/executive producer type of deal..... if this may be mutual of course.

    Bethany Orchard

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    Looks v interesting. Suggest you have a roving u water camera too to put the viewer right in the action.

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