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Thread: Dropped frames transferring edited movie to DV camcorder

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    Default Dropped frames transferring edited movie to DV camcorder

    I am having problems with dropped frames when transferring my edited movie back to my DV camcorder.

    I had the camcorder DV-In enabled a few months ago yet I have not been able to get a finished movie back onto DV tape. The company that enabled the camcorder assure me that they do not return the camcorders unless they have been tested. They suggest a problem with my setup, ie the throughput from my HD.

    I have an MSI motherboard with an Athlon 950 meg chip. I have Windows XP Pro as my OS and a 120 gig 7200 Maxtor Hard Disc (recently fitted following a failure of my previous HD, so there isn't much on there to defrag). I am having the chip upgraded to 2 gig and I shall have a 40 gig slave drive as I have been told that it is better to have movies on a different drive to the editing programme. I am using Premiere 6.

    My questions:

    1. Does anyone know why I am dropping frames?

    2. Does anyone think that the upgrade will solve the problem?


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    Dropped frames are nearly always a result of disk fragmentation. Can also be caused by only one disk, as your system is doing all the temp processing and file transfer off of one disk.

    I'd be tempted to defrag your disk anyway.

    Yes it is much better in the longer term to have a dedicated hard disk for video work as this restruct the video write to one disk, as opposed to competeing with system temporary writes. remeber to locate your temporary files on your dedicated video hard disk as well.

    Good luck

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    I have a much different setup, but a similar problem.

    I was using a Toshiba laptop to capture video, edit in Movie Maker, and then send it back. The movie that was sent back to my camcorder had dropped frames. (I had just cleaned up my drive and defragmented it.)

    I went back into the original project, saved as an avi file to my hard drive, imported back into Movie Maker, and then sent that file to my camcorder. It worked fine.

    I think that all the transitions and audio files I added were casing hiccups when my one hard drive had to render and then send back. When I saved to my hard disk it rendered it so that when I imported back into Movie Maker my hard drive didnít have to work too hard to send it back to my camcorder. This seemed to help.


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