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    Default Zoom on still picture

    Hi guys,
    i was wondering how you have to zoom in on a still image in premiere 6.5 (i know, old version, but that's what we're using at school)

    I know it's with the MOTION tool, but the problem is premiere seems to be resizing my original jpg image (1200x675) to the project size (720x405) which results in an ugly pixeled image when i zoom :(

    is there any way to bypass this resizing? I really need to get this job done before monday....


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    I can't answer for premiere 6.5 as i use 1.5 but maybe its the same.
    In the preferences you need to unclick the "resize stills" checkbox.
    Then when you drag the photos into the timeline they remain full size. In the monitor window you can zoom out to 25% which should allow you to see the photo over the video window.
    (Mind you i'm a total newbie to this so could be wrong!)

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    hmm, no preference like that in 6.5...:(

    anybody else have a solution?
    I need to give in that movie tomorrow...

    so ANY help would be very welcome


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    To zoom a clip in Premiere 6.5
    1. Add clip to timeline.
    2. Selectt he clip in the timeline.
    3. open the effects control pallette. Click Setup and up pops the motion settings dialogue.
    4. Change the zoom value.

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    jep, same way in 6.5, but the problem is that when it zooms the picture gets all pixeld and blown up...even if my original images are like twice the size of my project in premiere...

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    oops. I meant 6.5 sorry. I tend to talk more about Premier Pro 1.5 nowadays and my fingers types on their own.

    Right, as for the image getting pixellated. It's probably because you are already seeing as much detail as the picture holds. If you take a picture that has dimensions 100x100 and zoom it to a new image 200x200 then where does the extra detail come from? It doesn't! Digital zooming cause pixellation as you've noticed.

    Your best bet by far is to take pictures of the max resoltuion you want to show them at in your movie. Then digitally shrink them to fit the screen. No quality loos of image there. Then when you digitally 'zoom' them, all you are really doing is bringing them back to their full glory.

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    hmmm, my images used are 1200x700px and my project is 720x405px...

    It seems like premiere automaticly shrinks the original image to 720x405 when i drag it to the timeline, which is quite annoying

    any way to turn this off?

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    Premiere before pro does resize the image to match the project size. I,'m no expert on premiere but I know a man who is, try here

    cwrig is your man.

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    Premiere 6.5 and those before it does indeed resize the photo first to the project size. It will therefore loose much of it's resolution. However there is one place in Premiere 6.5 where it uses the full rez of the photo. I can't remember what that effect is but it is in there. I remember it is a little clumsy to do a zoom but it can be done. It's not called a zoom however. I'll try to find it this weekend. For the most part you need to use After effects to keep the rez.

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    In Premiere 6.5 and earlier the Transform effect and Image Pan retain the quality when doing a zoom. All other effects change the photo to the frame size first and then apply affect.

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