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Thread: My 1st attempt

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    Default My 1st attempt

    I put this on googles new video hosting thing but they downgraded the quality a bit, but you get the idea.

    Anyway it's Toronto Niagara and Cedar point, its the first of 4 sections to the entire video, its the 1st time I used a camera or editing so some classic mistakes but its really quite fun to watch

    Any criticism is welcome, cheers.

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    Hey I really enjoyed that

    To me this is what home movie editing is all about, turning what could be mediocre footage into a worthwhile and enjoyable production you and others can enjoy in years to come.

    It seems you understand the shortcomings of your video so I won't dwell on them, but I don't think the shakey cam or some bum shots detracts from the whole fun of the thing, and using one of my fav rock tracks in recent years really helped me to get involved.

    Hell, I wanna go there now too

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    Looks like you had a blast. The dancing woman and sea lion is top notch! Funny as hell. Really nice shots of the falls in there, too. Slick choice for music, as well. Great editing.

    For a first attempt, beers to ya.

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    It was all done on a sanyo xacti so I reckon I get points for that too

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