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Thread: Help, how do I choose which Camcorder?

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    Default Help, how do I choose which Camcorder?

    I've been looking to get a Digital Cam for a while now but get more confused as time goes on. As well as just general outdoor stuff, family do's etc. I video our amatuer drama productions for their archives and also music concerts/events I help organise.
    Do these fall into the 'low-light' categories people discuss although the stages are generally brightly lit?
    As I don't reckon on being able to 'try before I buy', would both the undernoted units do the job. Although the Sony maybe seems too much camera for the current display technology as regards availibility of hi def display equipment and software I'd envisage keeping a new cam for quite a while so would like some future proofing if possible.
    Is either better at low light if this is an issue for what I want to achieve?
    Sorry to be a bit vague but the step up from VHS-C is really fazing me a bit.
    Thanks for any advice you can offer.

    Was the one I had almost decided on ..Panasonic NvGs400B
    Choice confused by reading about this one ... Sony HDR-HC1E

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    You don't say how much money you have to spend? My own choice is the Panasonic GS400 (with 3CCD's) as Mini DV gives the best picture quality but if money is no problem then start looking at Hi Def cameras.

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    Thank you for your comment. Money is always a problem but don't you just get carried away once you start looking for stuff?
    With the seeming lack of availability now of the NVGS400B because of the new GS500 it looks like the Sony starts to come into play unless the 'new' cam is as good as the 'old' one.
    Oh well, think on a bit...
    ta again.

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