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    Default video image help!

    ok this is a 2 part question

    First part is, I am using Adobe Premiere 6.0 and when i export a video as Microsoft DV AVI with out any compression, other than the NTSC compression thing. After its been exported, it normally plays in real player, and it plays perfectly fine in windows media player aswell, but when i go to open it in Quicktime, the quality is pretty bad, its like all pixely i can see all square pixels. any ideas on whats going on here? and how to fix it?

    Second part

    When i import video clips into adobe from my video camera (NTSC format), For moving images, i can see horizontal lines when ever the object moves, even with flicker removal, i can still see very small horizontal lines comming off the object when it is moving, anyideas on what to do to get rid of it?

    Thanks alot!!

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    Hey Hungrypelican,

    Not sure about your first query but for the second one it sounds like you need to deinterlace your video when you render it as I had this problem and deinterlacing sorted it out.

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