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    Hey Guys -

    I was wondering, when you are creating a project do you do ALL the work at once in one file, or do you break your project down into different sections? What I mean is, let's say your putting together a video and certain parts are going to need many different tracks and effects, will you create those sections separate from the rest of your project and then import it into your main project? Or do you do it all in one? I personally find it gets a bit confusing and complicated to do it all in the same project, but if I do it in separate projects and import them together will I loose quality?

    I find it especially difficult because I only have a 17" monitor so I can't see many tracks at the same time.

    Any thoughts, ideas or tips would be appreciated.


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    My preference used to be to work in different projects then consolidate in a m,aster project. Oddly enough I use Media Studio Pro and version 8 now supports multiple timelines. So I can have the complex bits in different timelines and consolidate in a master timeline all in the same project.

    But hey its probably a case of what works for you!

    Good luck
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    Hmm, depends what I am doing really. Either way really.

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