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Thread: Help with capture format and creating DVD's

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    Default Help with capture format and creating DVD's

    Ok well heres the scoop. I am 17 and just saved a nunch of money to buy a panasonic PV-GS150. I use it to film skateboarding and other stuff my friends and I do. So now i want to make a DVD. The only software i have is windows movie maker and a copy of Adope Premier Elements that came with my capture card(ADS Pro). So i dident find adobes software that user friendly or just that great so i stuck with movie maker. When i go to get the video from my camcorder I have many options for file type. But its either to low quality or good quality but too huge of files sizes. Im talking 850MB for 4 minutes. That cant be right if a DVD can only hold 8.4 DL so thats only about an hour or so. and thats on a DL disk. So my question is what format, bit rate and quality should i capture at? Also i saw an add in a PC mag for sony vegas movie studio and DVD for $60. Is it worth it? I had a free 30 day drial of vegas video and loved it(but thats about $300). Also will it let me creat DVDs like the adobe would(thats the only thing i liked about it)? Thanks for all your help.

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    850 MB for 4 minutes is about right for a movie captured as AVI format.

    DVD use highly compressed MPEG2 format, hence you can get much more on a DVD.

    My advice would be to capture in lossless AVI, do your edits, and then encode to MPEG2.

    Try and persevere with the Adobe Premiere Elements though, it really is far superior to Movie Maker.

    Good luck!

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    Yes, stick with the Adobe software as it offers you more choice in the long term than Windows Movie Maker. The file sizes are big when it comes to video production and you need a computer with a bit of muscle to get everything done. As the previous contributor states, connect your camera up to the firewire port and transfer using AVI, then edit in AVI and when you're happy with the way things look and sound (don't forget the soundtrack) then output to MPEG2 for DVD.

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