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Thread: a geeky question on hard drives for dv editing

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    Default a geeky question on hard drives for dv editing

    one of the first things we find out when we start editing dv is that we need more hard drive space... along with the fastest available access to the drive.

    so here's my geeky question:

    given that ata/ide cables and buses - the type used to connect an internal (2nd) hard drive - are rated for about 133 mbps, but firewire (ieee 1394) connections are rated at 400 mbps, would it follow that using an external hd connected via firewire would improve performance, especially when rendering video edits?

    i've also heard that using two hds on the same ide cable decreases throughput speeds. it has even been recommended that you put 2nd hd on different cable than 1st. has anyone experienced bottlenecks with this issue?

    as a new user, i greatly appreciate your input

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    Personally I wouldn't use an external hard drive for video work. It has always been recommended that you have two hard disks, one of which you use exclusively for video capture and all the extra files that are generated when editing. The set up for connecting an internal hard drive is as follows: Drive C + CD Rom (or DVD Rom) on IDE 1 connector and Drive D + second CD Rom (or DVD Rom) on IDE 2 connector. You also have to consider the FSB of the motherboard with it running at 800mhz.

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    F wire is fine for me, my f wire drive benchmarks as fast as my internal drives.

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